ugh I hate projects :/ are your classes really hard?? -A

They’re not hard actually. But my teachers just exaggerate in projects and homework :(


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I don't know if you got my last message haha how are exams going? -A

I start my exams on Wednesday. And I have projects ugh

Ugh yeah school is rough first semester I have AP science then math then PE then Photography. Then next semester I have AP LA social food's & fashion & calm class & I legit missed 1 day & I'm SO behind on math & my mum won't leave me the fuck alone

Lmao I know. And my teachers are the worst. (Not all of them) but they just don’t teach enough and they give us 19382 projects and homework. Ugh

I started college like two weeks ago I'm going to a community to save money but it's so weird and hard to make friends cause you don't share classes with the same people... ooh senior year! That's fun! Enjoy yourself cause it goes by so fast! Good luck on your exams as well! -A

Thanks! And good luck to you too! I hope everything goes well:)

I've missed you too! What's new though!? -G

Literally everything is the same but good:) just f busy with school:( hbu?


Sup grey’s anatomy friend. I’ve missed you

me: i am actually so happy with my life right now for once

next day: *everything fucks up*

I love tea